It has been a few weeks since our final IDC and IE of 2013 and our 8 new instructors have been given the go ahead to start teaching.

The REAL learning only begins AFTER the IE

When you get hands-on teaching experience, with REAL students.

It is the only real way to learn, so we do our best to lessen the learning curve.

PADI IE Singapore
The First Things New Instructors Should Work On!

Here are a couple of things we tell new instructors during our POST-IE training for Pool specifically.

1. Sequencing

We do our Confined Water in a local swimming pool and we usually start with the swim tests. Also, we usually have one break – a quick lunch break.

Figuring out what skills to do before or after the break, or which end of the pool to get out of (usually the deep for me) help save time later on.

DO NOT underestimate how long a beginner takes to get into the water!

2. Briefings

Be Concise. Ask questions.

Ensure students understand the WHY. Especially for more complex skills.

For example, I like to ask students why they need to keep their regulator in their mouth during CESA – it makes them think about what they actually are doing, and understanding leads to better retention.

(Air expands, your tank is not a vaccum; 1 or 2 breaths left.)

3. Dry Runs

Have students practise dry runs, and correct problems out of water. It really helps students understand what they need to do underwater better, as well as helps save time underwater.

I always get students to show me their mouth positioning for freeflow regulator breathing, as well as Mask Clearing Action before trying it underwater. I find that new instructors usually don’t practice this coming straight out of the IDC, but it is so important.

Duncan's first pool group

All the best to our new instructors, hope you enjoy teaching as much as I do!