What a year it has been for ADA!
We were immensely busy, working our way around the months of renovation of our facilities, training instructors, DMAs, the next generation of educators.

We made some targets, we missed others.
We gained people, we said farewell to others.
All in all a year of great change and growth.

Thank you to all the people that made it happen, and I have a feeling, 2014 is going to be even better!

IT WAS A YEAR OF BUILDING AND TRAINING – The new premises, all improvements, but damn inconveniences. So anyway here it is in pictures.

New DMAs
9 days in dayang
1 survivor.
9 DMA graduates
divemasters/master scuba divers!

28 Weeks of Instructor Development ( pool photos dive photos etc.
100s hours of study

There were …
Divers rescued






And happiness.

2014 is going to be even more kickass!