When he was just 12 years old, Jacki Ng masterminded a bold criminal scheme.

Then a member of a street gang, he cajoled a 17-year-old fellow ruffian to steal a cheque belonging to the latter’s uncle.

Ng wrote it out for $20,000, forged the signature and instigated another 17-year-old to cash it.

“I had elaborate plans for the money. I wanted to start a sustainable loan shark venture,” says Mr Ng, now 37.

But the teenager who tried to cash the cheque got caught.

“The bank found him suspicious and reported him to the police. He was arrested, and after that, so was I,” he adds.

The older boy was sentenced to a year in jail. Ng was let off with a stern warning because he was a minor.

“I was a horrible kid, and that was a horrible thing I did,” he says.

The horrible kid is today a legitimate entrepreneur.

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