Our Course Director Richard Mei was awarded the Platinum status again by PADI, and CD Jacki Ng, the Silver Status for their work in teaching PADI Professionals in 2014.

In the world of PADI Professionals, there are few achievements higher and it is something that we actively monitor and strive towards in ADA. As divers are looking around for a place to complete their PADI IDC, they will most likely come across this term “Platinum Course Director”. Now, what is that all about?

PADI Frequent Trainer Award

PADI recognizes dive centres, resorts and individual instructors who are the most active in the industry, the ones who are very impactful in shaping the next generations of divers though frequent trainer awards. For Instructors there are Elite Awards and other awards of excellence in customer service and professionalism. For PADI Instructor Development Centres, there are various types including the PADI CDC or Career Development Centre, and for PADI Course Directors, they have annual certificates of excellence from Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Only Course Directors who are renewed and have no verified quality assurance complaints for the review or award year can earn the Awards.

Here is an overview on what the Course Director Frequent Trainer Certificates of Excellence are awarded.

Silver Course Director Ranking
  • Authorise 10 or more DM/AI/OWSI/IDCSI certifications.
  • Authorise 20-49 Instructor level certifications.
  • Have a 50% instructor level continuing education ratio.
Gold Course Director Ranking
  • Authorise 20 or more DM/AI/OWSI/IDCSI certifications.
  • Authorise 50-99 instructor level certifications.
  • Have a 60% instructor level continuing education ratio.
Platinum Course Director Ranking
  • Authorise 30 or more DM/AI/OWSI and/or IDCSI certifications.
  • Authorise 100 or more instructor level certifications.
    Have a 70% instructor level continuing education ratio.

So what does that mean?

Having a Platinum Course Director means that you can learn from someone who has extensive knowledge and experience with the PADI IDC Program and other dive professional courses. Generally, that is a good thing because you can draw upon their wide range of understanding of the nuances in terms, PADI Standards, the IE Process, assignments, and life as an instructor in general.

Richard Mei and Monica Choo

I for one, am thankful to have Richard around because not only is he like THE MANASTONE of the PADI System (just being near him keeps me sharp) but we have great discussions about the intent of Standards and peculiarities we encounter in the IDC Process and he is a constant source of humourous anecdotes and outrageous soundbites.

So that’s it in a nutshell.
Congratulations again to Richard and Jacki.

Silver Course Director Jacki Ng