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PADI ReActivate- Common Questions

If you have been to PADI website or read the training bulletins and Undersea Journals, [...]

3 things I never forget on Dive Trips!

This blog post has been lurking in the corner of my mind for some time [...]

What is a Platinum Course Director?

Our Course Director Richard Mei was awarded the Platinum status again by PADI, and CD [...]

PADI Seahorse Specialty Instructor Training

Almost as soon as I came back from my PADI CDTC in March this year, I [...]

How to Become a PADI Course Director

The PADI Course Director rating is the highest instructor rating in the PADI System for [...]

The PADI Examiner – How to Become One

What is a PADI Examiner? You will come across PADI Examiners at PADI Instructor Examinations [...]

ADA is now 100% AWARE

We partnered with Project AWARE this week to join their growing number of 100% AWARE [...]

365 Days Of Countdown For 10 Days…

Day -365 to 1 (Non-Diving) PART ONE November last year, Tiger Airways fixed a new [...]

Rewind, Fastforward:: Xian Jie

Xian Jie joined us for the DMA Program between November 2010 and August 2011. He [...]

Reflections on Equipment

Ack! My Gear : ( Recently, I found myself without my dive gear at the [...]