ADA Dive Career Training

2017 started with a bang for us as we have achieved the Approved Training Organisation (ATO) status from Workforce Singapore (formally known as Workforce Development Agency).

Workforce Singapore is a statutory board under the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) which oversees the ‘transformation of the local workforce and industry to meet ongoing economic challenges.’

Workforce Singapore’s key focus is to help workers meet their career aspirations and secure quality jobs at various stages of life. This is in line with ADA’s vision of providing high quality training to people who aspire to be part of the dive tourism industry.

We have been transforming our training standards as the demand for quality workers in the dive industry increases. We believe that Singapore is in a unique position where the best dive locations in the world surround her.

In the next few years, as those places are becoming more and more developed, there will be an increasing demand for professionals who possess adequate skills and knowledge to either work in the inbound or outbound areas on this industry. Currently, there are plenty of courses which teach people how to dive. However, education with regards to running a dive operation or dealing with tourism and hospitality in the dive context is duly lacking.

Being an ATO allows us to provide Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) courses. WSQ is a national credential system that trains, develops, assesses and certifies skills and competencies for the workforce.

Hence, we are proud that our government has put a small vote in the relevancy of our industry!

If you are looking to start a career in diving, be sure to check out how ADA can give you a leg up here.