To change the world by providing innovative and high-quality products and services that enhance the lives and experiences of our customers.

ADA Group is a regional company with operations in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. We own and operate businesses in the scuba diving, resort, e-mobility, motorcycle, and financing industries. Our focus on technology and innovation helps us excel in these diverse fields. We value our team members and prioritize their development and well-being. Our founder, a tech-savvy entrepreneur, established the company with a passion for developing solutions and automation tools.

Business Portfolio

ADA Group is a conglomerate that owns and operates a number of different businesses in various industries. The group’s portfolio includes businesses in sectors such as technology, finance, e-mobility and more. These businesses operate independently within the group, each focusing on its specific industry and market. ADA Group is known for its commitment to innovation and growth, and has a strong track record of success in the diverse range of industries in which it operates.

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