The Critical Document Disappearance

In a high-profile law firm, Sarah and Mark are two diligent attorneys working on a major case involving a corporate scandal. The case is highly sensitive, and they have been gathering evidence and documents for months. They have a shared, secure cabinet where they keep all the critical documents related to the case.

One day, as the court date approaches, Sarah goes to the cabinet to retrieve a key document that is central to their case. She discovers that the document is missing.

Sarah (panicked):

Mark, did you take the Whitley contract from the cabinet?


No, I haven’t touched it since we last reviewed it together. Why?


It’s not there! This is the key evidence for our case. Without it, we could lose everything!


This can’t be happening. Let’s both look again, maybe it’s just misplaced.


They both search the cabinet thoroughly but find no trace of the document. Meanwhile, they see their colleague Emily walking down the hallway. Emily is known for being a bit careless and has a reputation for misplacing things.

Mark (concerned):

Emily was the last person I saw near the cabinet yesterday evening. Do you think she might have accidentally taken it or misplaced it?


I don’t know, but we need to find out.


They decide to approach Emily.


Emily, did you by any chance access the cabinet yesterday?

Emily (nervously):

Yes, I had to get a file. Why?


The Whitley contract is missing. Did you see it or accidentally take it with your files?


No, I don’t think so. But now that you mention it, I saw someone from the cleaning crew near the cabinet after I left.


Mark and Sarah exchanged glances, realizing the gravity of the situation.


  • Considering the seriousness of the missing document, what should be the immediate steps that Sarah and Mark take?
  • Should Sarah and Mark involve their supervisor or the security team? If so, at what point should they do this?
  • How should they approach questioning Emily further, without making accusations?
  • How should they handle the information about the cleaning crew being near the cabinet? Should they approach the cleaning crew directly?
  • What measures could have been taken to prevent such a critical document from going missing?
  • How should the firm handle the situation if the document is not found in time for the court case?
  • What policies should be implemented in the law firm to ensure the security and integrity of sensitive information?
  • How can communication within the team be improved to prevent future incidents and ensure that all team members understand the importance of document security?